Our Guiding Principles

  • Consistent with client interests, our allegiance rests with you, our client-partner.
  • Because we often work with our clients hard-earned lifelong retirement savings (e.g. IRAs or retirement accounts), we take seriously our role to diligently manage investments.  
  • We establish personal relationships with our clients and have a controlled number of clients so we can provide personalized service.
  • Our firm grows at a measured pace due to working with clients that share a common vision and values.
  • We will never sacrifice the level of service we provide to our existing clients just to gain new ones.
  • We “eat our own cooking”, which means that we only recommend a product that we would purchase if given the same suitability standards as our client. 

In short, at HFS:

  • We understand that everyone has unique needs and goals. This is why your  portfolio is tailored to suit you and your circumstances.
  • Your portfolio is composed of securities that we carefully select using our open architecture platforms.
  • We review your portfolio on a regular basis and rebalance or reallocate as needed to maintain your investment strategy.
  • We’ll provide personalized service for a reasonable fee.